Keeping Cool in the Summer Months

It’s happened. It’s gone from chilly pre-Spring to too warm and humid days. Fibromyalgia makes summer months particularly challenging for me. I already sweat a lot and even in cooler months I often have a had time regulating my body temperature.

When the temperature goes up I become sluggish and nauseated. So let’s get the jump on summer and start talking abut Keeping Cool before it’s too late.  Continue reading “Keeping Cool in the Summer Months”

ChronicBabe 101: Book Review

I first became aware of Jenni Grover back in 2008. I had just received my Fibromyalgia diagnosis and had been incredibly ill for months. I did not know any chronically ill people and felt very alone when I stumbled upon

I’m sure I Googled Fibromyalgia hundreds of times, and may have even been looking for resources for someone my age which was 25, which was “too young to be so sick,” before I came across ChronicBabe. What I found was a treasure trove of great advice, chronically ill anecdotes, and support for the life I found myself living. Continue reading “ChronicBabe 101: Book Review”

Introducing Myself

I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself. I hope that you will get to know my be reading my posts. But I figured it couldn’t hurt to give you a bit of information before you start.

HI! My name is Chrissy, I live in Columbus, OH, and I’m 36. I include this information so you know where I am coming from when I am writing. I’ve had certain life experiences that are directly connected to my location and age. Continue reading “Introducing Myself”