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    Celebrate Small Victories

    Big things don’t happen everyday. A new job, a promotion, a baby, a marathon are once in awhile things for most people. But there is something to celebrate everyday, we just have to look for them. You might think “well that sounds positive and cheery Chrissy.” And it is, because I believe we should totally pat ourselves on the back. “But I haven’t done anything special in a long time.” I bet you have. On social media we often talk about the small things we do everyday under the guise of what some people call Adulting. Paying those bills, washing the clothes, or doing the dishes are all things worth…

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    Going Home with Love and Anxiety

    For the next week I will be visiting Northeastern Pennsylvania, where both Ryan and I call home, and handling my anxiety the best I can. Yesterday we loaded the truck with Christmas presents and the cat and headed east. It was an easy trip where Popeye and I slept most of the journey. We have been planning the trip for awhile so over the last few weeks I have been preparing myself both for the travel and being away from our apartment for a week. Both cause a lot of anxiety for me. Love I love going “home.” I grew up in beautiful rural Pennsylvania, along the Susquehanna River. Ryan…

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    Resilience- 2018 Word of the Year

    Back in January I posted this to my other blog thepinkwoobie.com as a rallying cry for 2018. As the year has progressed resilience has been my mantra. I wanted to post it here, as a reminder of why it’s important to be resilient. I admit that on this particular day I am not feeling that resilient, or positive, or any of the things I talk about in this post, but that’s all the more reason to post this, I will get there again. Resilience– (1) The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. I have to admit that I never feel particularly resilient, but when one looks at it’s antonyms…

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    Hope and Happiness with Chronic Illness

    Hopeful and Happy. Some people may not connect either of these with chronic illness and pain. It’s true illness and pain can bring dark times. It can take you to places you believe you are never going to get out of. To Sadness and despair. But there can be hope and there can be happiness. Hope and happiness can come in moments of rest, sharing with a loved one, or in discovering a new skill. In order for these moments to crack through the dark and despair one must be open to them. One must believe they can exist. These moments can break through spontaneously. We can also create them…

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    Keeping Cool in the Summer Months

    It’s happened. It’s gone from chilly pre-Spring to too warm and humid days. Fibromyalgia makes summer months particularly challenging for me. I already sweat a lot and even in cooler months I often have a had time regulating my body temperature. When the temperature goes up I become sluggish and nauseated. So let’s get the jump on summer and start talking abut Keeping Cool before it’s too late.