Hope and Happiness with Chronic Illness

Hopeful and Happy. Some people may not connect either of these with chronic illness and pain. It’s true illness and pain can bring dark times. It can take you to places you believe you are never going to get out of. To Sadness and despair.

But there can be hope and there can be happiness. Hope and happiness can come in moments of rest, sharing with a loved one, or in discovering a new skill.

In order for these moments to crack through the dark and despair one must be open to them. One must believe they can exist. These moments can break through spontaneously. We can also create them during our moments of darkness. Continue reading “Hope and Happiness with Chronic Illness”

The Stages of Grief and Chronic Illness

We are all familiar with grief. We have experienced it and many of us live with grief daily. Can you think of some things that come to mind when you here the words grief or grieving? I think about death, which I think is the obvious answer. But I also think about loss and change.

Loss and change, two experiences that are abundant with chronic illness. I have grieved. I have grieved for my illnesses, I have grieved for my perceived losses, and I have grieved for all the changes that have infiltrated my life with Ryan. Continue reading “The Stages of Grief and Chronic Illness”

Migraine Day 22

Anne Lamott has some advice about writing: “Butt in chair.” That’s what I’ve been thinking about the last few days as it has been a considerable amount of time since I have written anything. So I’m putting my butt in chair this evening, if only metaphorically, so I can share some of my thoughts with you.

I’m reclined in bed on my gray fuzzy pillow that we bought at Aldi’s of all places. I am also hoping that the cat won’t realize I have the laptop out and come investigate. I’ve had a migraine for 22 days. This is not the longest I’ve experienced, but it has been some of the most intense pain I have ever had. Also 22 days of not being able to enjoy sunshine, 22 days of getting nauseated at the drop of a hat, 22 days of missing Netflix Continue reading “Migraine Day 22”

5 Self Care Tasks for When You Feel Blah

Whether you struggle with depression, have a cold, or are just feeling a little down, there are always things that we can do to boost our mood. Self care is important all the time, but when we are really down we often let everything slide. Although self care can look like a decadent day at the spa, it more often is about taking care of the daily necessities of living life.

Recently I had a weekend where I wasn’t sure if I was swinging into a depressive episode or if I was just feeling lazy. On Sunday I decided that regardless of what was really going on I had some things that I needed to do to take care of myself. So I got up and took a shower even though I had no intention of going out in public, I changed the sheets on the bed, and then I ate a satisfying meal. Continue reading “5 Self Care Tasks for When You Feel Blah”