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    Time is Flying- Small Life Update

    I can’t believe how fast time is flying lately. I’m kind of shocked it’s July. And not just the beginning of July. Saturday was Ryan’s birthday and I’ve always equated that with a sort of mid summer celebration. Therapy I have been attending therapy regularly for over a year now. I’ve accomplished a lot, but for me it is work that will never be done. Some weeks I feel well, my depression is cooperative, my anxiety is light, and my health is stable. Other weeks I am down in the dumps, or anxious over an everyday task, and when the pain flares who knows where my head is going to…

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    Help Prevent Suicide

    With two high profile deaths from suicide this week, I thought I should take a few minutes to reach out to anyone who may be reading. The deaths of celebrities aren’t uncommon (everyone dies) and many are often tragic (drug overdoes, cancer, suicide). The world is sad for a little while, but life keeps moving. This is how things will always be. To the loved ones of those celebrities, it’s not just another celebrity death, and their lives will forever be changed by drug overdoses, cancer, and especially suicide.