Time is Flying- Small Life Update

I can’t believe how fast time is flying lately. I’m kind of shocked it’s July. And not just the beginning of July. Saturday was Ryan’s birthday and I’ve always equated that with a sort of mid summer celebration.


I have been attending therapy regularly for over a year now. I’ve accomplished a lot, but for me it is work that will never be done. Some weeks I feel well, my depression is cooperative, my anxiety is light, and my health is stable. Other weeks I am down in the dumps, or anxious over an everyday task, and when the pain flares who knows where my head is going to be.

So I am thankful that I keep making those appointments and keep going back. Just checking in can be refreshing.

Coloring Book

At the beginning of the year I started this blog and a different type of creative project. I’ve been working on creating a mandala coloring book. In 2017 I created a 100 Mandala project, where I filled a sketch book with individual and unique mandalas. This year I wanted to expand on that. I have so far created 14 full sized coloring pages.

I hope to have pages completed and ready to scan next month. My original goal had been February, that was ambitious!


I got a new computer this week, which I’m loving so far. For 12 years I was a Mac user and I’ve returned to the PC world. This was mostly a financial decision, but I’ve been also looking at part time jobs, all of which require knowledge of Office.

I’m hoping it will help with my productivity. Right off the bat I did not have to open my word processing app 4 times before I could actually use it, which is a huge time saver. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, but I keep getting inspired by these grand ideas, which take awhile to process and write. Which doesn’t really lend itself to blogging.

I will try to include short tid bits of info and updates in the near future. Also it has occurred to me that I have not included a picture of myself yet on this site. Here is the husband and I selfie-ing at his birthday celebration.

Hope and Happiness with Chronic Illness

Hopeful and Happy. Some people may not connect either of these with chronic illness and pain. It’s true illness and pain can bring dark times. It can take you to places you believe you are never going to get out of. To Sadness and despair.

But there can be hope and there can be happiness. Hope and happiness can come in moments of rest, sharing with a loved one, or in discovering a new skill.

In order for these moments to crack through the dark and despair one must be open to them. One must believe they can exist. These moments can break through spontaneously. We can also create them during our moments of darkness. Continue reading “Hope and Happiness with Chronic Illness”

When the Going Gets Tough, Keep Going

I don’t know if I would have considered myself tough before 2008. I received my Fibromyalgia diagnosis, a chronic condition, in May of 2008. Chronic, as in forever, or atlas a very long time. Now, I feel I really don’t have the choice. I have to be tough, I have to be persistent, I have to keep going. A favorite word for this would be resilient (to which I wrote about on my personal blog at the beginning of the year.)

I haven’t written in a little while and that has been frustrating for me. There are so many things I want to be doing. There has been this level of pain that just hums underneath everything that I do. I can manage the pain and life feels pretty good. However, it takes a little more effort and a little more time to get even the smallest tasks done. Continue reading “When the Going Gets Tough, Keep Going”

Setting Boundaries

There comes a time for everyone, regardless of health status, that it is necessary to set boundaries. We can set many kinds of boundaries, it can resemble setting up a fence that is never to be crossed, or it can be like putting up a temporary road block or construction barrel.

When we do not set any boundaries in our life we become mentally and physically exhausted. I hear so many kind and intelligent friends say “I need to learn to say no”. Saying no is setting a boundary. Continue reading “Setting Boundaries”

Adjust Accordingly

Last week I wrote about pacing yourself through daily tasks as well as obtaining long term goals. This week I have an example of how sometimes it is necessary to adjust accordingly.

As I’ve been getting this blog up and running I have decided I want to post original content on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have made a list of topics as well as outlines for several posts.

Several days a week I head to the coffee shop for a few hours of writing. I also work on Skillshare classes, and some other creative projects. Going to the coffee shop gets me out of the apartment and allows me to see other human beings. When I am flaring I can go weeks at a time and only see my husband. Continue reading “Adjust Accordingly”

Pace Yourself: You don’t have to do it all at once.


I decided to make this post my first on this new adventure “Find Joy; Be Well” to remind myself as well as you that you don’t have to do everything at once. Life in general is super stressful, full of unexpected events, and requires us to do a lot of necessary tasks in our every day living. I have a chronic illness, and maybe you do too. But even if you are an average healthy person living your life, I hope that these ideas will help you realize that sometimes we need to pace ourselves.

The end of 2017 found me facing a lot of migraines, which were absolutely debilitating and exhausting. By mid January I was facing less pain, less anxiety, and less depression, which resulted in the desire to do more activities. The first days after a pain flare I want to do ALL OF THE THINGS. But all is not possible, so I have come to realize that some is ok. Continue reading “Pace Yourself: You don’t have to do it all at once.”