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ChronicBabe 101: Book Review

I first became aware of Jenni Grover back in 2008. I had just received my Fibromyalgia diagnosis and had been incredibly ill for months. I did not know any chronically ill people and felt very alone when I stumbled upon

I’m sure I Googled Fibromyalgia hundreds of times, and may have even been looking for resources for someone my age which was 25, which was “too young to be so sick,” before I came across ChronicBabe. What I found was a treasure trove of great advice, chronically ill anecdotes, and support for the life I found myself living.

Ten years later it’s always the very first resource I direct friends to when they come seeking advice. The site has evolved as Jenni has become more confident in the information she has to share, and the world has taken notice.


I was so excited when I got my book and the accompanying swag. I have worn my ChronicBabe bracelet every day since it arrived.

I was psyched when Jenni announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund a book. Jenni’s health issues, diagnosis, and journey has always matched up so well with mine that I thought if she can do it, so can I! Of course I had to be a backer.

The book writing process can be daunting for anyone, but when you have an unpredictable illness a lot of things can go wrong. Jenni was a champ and kept her supporters regularly updated, even through her health struggles.


Loads of Info

ChronicBabe 101 is divided into 10 lessons instead of chapters on topics such as acceptance, boundaries, and communication. Jenni wants you to know that even if you are a sick chick you can still live an incredible life.  Beyond the timeless advice in each lesson you also get pop quizzes and homework assignments to help process what you are learning as you read.

Not only is Jenni’s advice priceless, but she interviews other experts on each lesson. We also hear from care givers, which are family and partners of chronically ill babes, on each topic. In addition to all the information in the book there are extras such as videos, resources, and interviews that didn’t fit available at

Sick Chick Boot Camp

From the beginning it was clear ChronicBabe 101 was going to be a how to of sorts and it delivered. Each lesson is well thought out and concise. I found the Pep Squad interviews enlightening. And although I admit I have done very few of the pop quizzes and homework assignments they are great and an awesome starting point for journaling.

ChronicBabe 101 is like basic training for ladies living with chronic illness. I could have used this book years ago. Of course I had Jenni and her blog helping me along. There were not any lessons in the book that I was not familiar with having to taken the long way around to learning to live an awesome life. However, it’s always nice to have a refresher on the skills I use on a daily basis.

I also admit that there are times over the last 10 years that I would not have wanted to hear some of the hard truths that Jenni has to share. But she is being real and it’s advice that we all need to hear whether we want to or not. Trust me when I say, someday it will all make sense.

Hard Work

Jenni didn’t just receive her Fibromyalgia diagnosis at 25 and become a fully formed guru of all things awesome. She worked hard and has been a great example for me to follow. That hard work is what makes this book so good. So many of the lessons are things I’ve worked on in therapy, and a lot her experiences I can respond to be saying “yes, exactly!”

So whether you are newly diagnosed and drowning in a sea of information and despair, or you have been living life with chronic illness for a long time, you will get something out of this book. You could learn entirely new concepts or be reminded of an important tidbit of advice that you have completely forgotten. You should head over to and get you copy so you can get reading!





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