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    Big and Small Decisions with Chronic Illness

    Decisions get made every day. Big life altering decisions are often considered over long periods of time, while smaller decisions may be made impulsively. Over the years I’ve made decisions that were not so great, like getting bangs in college. I’ve also made some amazingly awesome decisions, marrying Ryan is probably the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve always considered myself a person who makes her choices and sticks with it. I’m always certain about my food order before our order is taken. I cruise through multiple choice tests, either confident I know the answers, or admitting I’m clueless and just guessing. However, recently I was worried about a decision…

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    Child-Free By Choice

    I have been having a lot of conversations on Facebook lately about my choice to be child-free. The topic has lead to others sharing their stories about their choices, as well as stories of infertility, and the pressures of society to raise children. This is a HUGE topic, so I’m starting what will hopefully be a series of blog posts around the topics of being child-free, infertility, and child rearing, because everyone has something to say.