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Monday Musings: Dec 10

It’s December 10th. 2 weeks until Christmas Eve. I missed Friday Feelings last week as I have been dealing with an intense migraine. I have a lot of things I want to write about today, but I have nothing that is ready to be posted on this Monday morning.

My first thought this morning (after a shower and coffee) was if I was going to write a Friday Feelings post. I came down on the side of skipping Friday Feelings if I am not capable of writing on a particular Friday. I started this project/blog to help people and provide an outlet for some of my thoughts, I do not need to be stressed about not posting.

But I like to keep my posts at least up to date with what is going on with me, so here are some Monday Musings.

I’m in pain, I’m starting day 5 of a pretty intense migraine. It started pretty mild last week with afternoons becoming worse until I couldn’t really do anything on Friday. After a weekend of rest I feel well enough to get to the coffee shop this morning.

The coffee shop is a place I come to be around people while I read and write. I can’t say that anyone I encounter on an almost daily basis are friends, but they are pleasant and I enjoy being around them. Chronic illness is so isolating, so I work as hard as I can to not fall into habits of staying at home and not seeing people face to face.

Like I said I have a lot to write about today, so will be working on future blog posts. Musing on the ideas of art/crafting as symptom management and over all wellness, handling my thoughts on unfinished business of my pre-illness life, and I hope to put together a little informative post about my favorite supplement, magnesium.

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