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Friday Feelings: Thankful

Thankful, how could I not be. Despite my grumbles there is so much in my life to be thankful for. Yesterday on my personal Facebook page I mentioned how thankful I was for my health, my care team, and my family and friends, who always back me up.

That’s certainly the top of the list. But on my walk today I thought of so many more. First of all being out of the apartment and walking to my chosen destination. After being laid up with a cold and back and hip pain ALL WEEK it felt so good to be moving again. Both of these issues were mild inconveniences but they also had me exhausted. Hoping the exercises eases the pain a bit.

Another one is that I have projects keeping me busy through the end of the year. One of my biggest struggles is feeling like I am not enough or doing enough. And although I know this is not true, having concrete to do lists and the skills that allow me to do what I want effectively really helps me deal with those feelings.

Yesterday Ryan and I did not go anywhere or see anybody. And although I was sad to be away from family it was a very stress free day. Ryan cooked us dinner, turkey in the Instant Pot that turned out super tender. It felt like a reset day, I’ve been sick and Ryan has been going non-stop with a very full teaching schedule this semester. I am thankful for that time and I am thankful for Ryan. Nothing that I do would be possible without him.

I know several babies that were born this year, including my nephew! And I am so thankful for new life. I can’t wait to spoil him too. New things to knit and crochet!

And I am thankful for coffee. I say this only kind of joking. Last year I cut my caffeine intake drastically. I was drinking multiple diet Pepsi’s and iced lattes a day. And since this is something that could be a migraine trigger we got rid of it. When nothing changed with my migraines I allowed myself caffeine again, but not in the previous amounts. Which means every drink is savored. Every coffee is delicious and gives me that kick I need to do that extra thing. And my water intake has increased greatly. I haven’t seen any actual effects from this, but I know I’m being healthy. So coffee, yes, glad to have it in my life.

I’d love to hear your number one thing you are thankful for right now in this moment. It doesn’t have to be big or profound, share it below. Thanks!

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  • Alicia

    There are many things I’m thankful for, but right now I’ll say my cats. They’re a welcome distraction from the “hard” things in life, and they bring me so much joy! 😻 I’m enjoying your blog posts!

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