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September is Pain Awareness Month

Pain, we are all familiar with it. A tooth ache, a sore throat, a broken bone. Pain regardless of its cause can keep us from spending time with our family, effect our work, and just down right make us miserable. When the pain becomes chronic, these issues are compounded by the pure exhaustion of living in pain.

I have lived with pain my entire life. For the last 11 years I have lived with daily pain. Currently most days my pain is low, but there are some days where my pain effects every aspect of my life. My pain goal is to make those days few and far between.

There are multiple purposes for Pain Awareness Month. One is to make sure everyone knows just how many people live in pain. Pain affects over 100 million Americans. Which means, if you are in pain, you are not alone. Building community is another purpose.

The US Pain Foundation, who has extensive resources about living with pain, are hosting daily challenges to raise awareness and build community among those who live with pain. In addition to the challenges US Pain Foundation are hosting live events and sharing news about states, cities, and towns are making proclamations for Pain Awareness Month. Check them out on Facebook to see all the goodies.

So, I’m a week late with this announcement, but I feel that I’m spreading awareness year around here on the blog. I hope to share a few more pain tidbits throughout the month. You should also check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more!

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